About Be A Looper

Be A Looper is a world first daily mental health check-in and peer support app to keep users "in the Loop" with five people anywhere, globally. The tool, created by leading mental health and design specialists, assists users to both share how their day is tracking in a gamified way while also keeping a close eye on those they care about. Spreading to 55 countries since December 2017, the proprietary application is a testament that social support, chain-diffusion and role modelling vulnerability plays a significant role in chronic disease self-management and in lowering the suicide rate, globally using technology.



Be A Looper Imagery

For high resolution images of the application, please download from here:  https://drive.google.com/open?id=1BPkF5jC0KWFhzKt16M-i_moIGUw-5eub


Be A Looper Video

Download a high resolution version of this film here: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1BPkF5jC0KWFhzKt16M-i_moIGUw-5eub


About The Team

Founded in 2014 by Amanda Johnstone, Social Health Innovations is a consortium of talent dedicated to researching, creating and rolling out new mentally healthy technologies. We are a global team of technologists, innovators, designers, researchers, disruptors, trend forecasters, scientists, healthcare leaders, lived experiance and business professionals who all work under the same principals:

SOCIAL HEALTH: addressing (mental) health concerns of an entire population
INNOVATIONS: funding and creating habit forming technologies, leveraging research, peer support and gamification to solve the global suicide epidemic

The Social Health Innovations team:

Have degrees in Industrial/Organisational Psychology, Bioinformatics, Law, Mechanical Engineering, Accounting, Clinical Psychology, Software Engineering, Clinical Neuropsychology, Postgraduate Neuroscience (behavioural science), Graphic Design, Computer Systems and Informatics, Chemical Engineering, Philosophy and Sociology, Commerce Marketing and Management, Telecommunications Engineering and Biological Psychology.


The Social Health Innovations Team have professional backgrounds including:

Apple, Wamar Technologies, LifeIQ, Royal Marines Club, Charles River Ventures, Cisco Networking Academy Program, Google, Global Partnerships Forum, Ramsay Healthcare Team EXOS, Stanford, Virgin, Accenture, National Research Council of Canada, iMedTrust,  National Mental Health Commission and the Mentally Healthy Workplace Alliance - Australia, University of Technology - Sydney, Vast and PricewaterhouseCoopers .

Run the most effective rehab in the world, The Sanctuary Byron Bay (boasting a 90% rehabilitation rate).

The Social Health Innovations team, in their standalone companies (outside of SHI, Inc), provide technology, developed IP or have designed for: 

NASA, Qantas, NATO, Intel, IBM, HP, Gates Foundation, Google, United Health Group, Singapore Armed Services, Sony and U.S Government.

You can learn all about the team at Social Health Innovations here: http://www.socialhealthinnovations.com