KNOW how your company or organisation is feeling and react in real-time

  • Be A Looper Enterprise provides daily and unobtrusive check-ins for your Loopers' (your staff, students, patients or groups) mental health with an authorised duty of care provider.
  • Be A Looper provides privacy and pre-empted care for your Loopers.
  • Be A Looper is a cost effective risk management solution.

 “Every $1 spent on successfully implementing an appropriate (mental health) action, there is on average $2.30 in benefits to be gained by the organisation.” – PWC and Beyond Blue

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Be A Looper Enterprise is a software and mobile application that has been created by global healthcare and technology experts at Social Health Innovations, overseen by a Global Scientific Advisory of researchers and rehabilitation specialists. 

The patented technology has been produced specifically for organisations, schools and departments who have a responsibility to look after the daily wellbeing of their peers, staff or clients (Loopers) without invading their privacy.

Users (Loopers) can rate how their day is tracking and discreetly share through our secure servers with an accredited duty of care provider (for example a psychologist, a carer, a caseworker or doctor) who monitors the Loopers daily activity through their feedback Loop. This private information is never relayed back to the organisation. Should the duty of care provider see a red flag of a Looper – they can book a follow up appointment privately with the Looper in need and provide timely and discreet care. 


The Be A Looper Enterprise portal provides overarching data to show how the overall Loopers as a group are tracking in order to monitor the wellbeing of the organisation, school or departments.

This service is offered for less then a cup of coffee per month, per Looper.

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